Navillera Episode 1 Recap

Navillera Episode 1 Recap

Ki Seung-joo refuses to let Deok-chul ballet, however Deok-chul insists he needs to be taught at his establishment. The subsequent day, Deok-chul turns up to watch ballet practice again. Deok-chul admits to Ki Seung-joo that he’s never able to do something he wanted his entire life — he wants to give it a shot. Episode 1 builds the foundations of a heartwarming story that brings ballet because the commonality.

Lee Chae-rok has a fractured past, from childhood to younger adulthood, and the k-drama has set the bottom to flesh this out. ‘Navillera’, Song Kang’s newest drama, premieres worldwide on Netflix right now and fans of the actor cannot help however gush with pleasure. 2021 is actually turning out to be Song Kang’s 12 months, with unbelievable hits with Love Alarm and the lingering success of Sweet Home carrying themselves over to anticipation for Navillera. First and foremost, I appreciated the part that their first episode confirmed an interplay of our aged and some of their regrets. The discussion in the course of the wake of certainly one of their pals was catching enough. This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience in comparison with free-to-air TV/public broadcasters .

Sim Deok

Overall, I think that is going to be a feel-good, coronary heart warming drama which I need after the intensity of the Vincenzo episodes on the weekend. Also, one small gripe, as someone who used to bop ballet, a number of the scenes the place Chaerok was dancing a routine, the steps did not fit the music in any respect. I think that pulled me out of being immersed in the drama. The different airing drama I watch is Vincenzo and I wanted this present to relax out.


It’s clear he’s in ache though and with every spin and twist, his leg continues to provide way. To make matters worse, Mr Ki arrives and sees him trying too hard, commenting how there’s no emotion and it’s all very robotic. In reality, Mr Ki even tells him he doesn’t deserve to bounce. That night, Deok-Chool spies an advertisement on a bus shelter for Swan Lake, and heads there to watch it. With a giant grin plastered on his face, Deok-Chool claps enthusiastically when the show concludes.

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Navillera is more than a visually interesting drama for viewers who like ballet. It’s a sweet comic story about the value of human connection. Shim Deok Chool, a 70-year-old retiree, at all times dreamt of changing into a ballet dancer.

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